Sumo is a Skill Level 3 Advanced High Power Model Rocket Designed by Aerotech.  For those who love to see a short, fat rocket with slow lift offs. Over 3 feet tall! Labyrinth II "no wadding needed" ejection system. Precision Airfoil molded fins. Fin-Lok fin mounting system. Piston ejection. Roaring 2500 foot high flights! Parachute recovery. New 9oz, 1-piece gray plastic, 4:1 ogive nose cone. Can use Aero Tech's RMS reloadable motors. Designed for "G" and "H" composite hobby rocket motors. Rugged construction! Level 1 ready! Super-sized, self-adhesive Sumo decals. Construction and launching instructions provided.

Length: 39"
Diameter: 4"
Weight: 32oz
Recovery: 42" parachute
Motor Mount: 29mm
Stages: Single