Dia: 3.9 inches
Length: 61 inches
Motor Mount: 54MM
Recovery: 36 inch Binder Design Premium Chute,
Stainless Steel Swivel, Tubular Nylon Shock Cord
Fins: 3/16" Aircraft Birch Plywood with fin stiffeners
Motor Retention: Binder Design Motor Collar
Deployment: Binder Desi
gn Modular Baffle System with Zipperless Design!
Guidance: Binder Design Delrin rail buttons
Recommended Motors: I through K

A military design by Bret Simpkins, the Devastator is one mean looking bird! One of our most complex kits in current production, the Devastator is a true modelers kit but our detailed 11 page instruction manual makes the construction easy to understand. Instructions include Rocksim stability data courtesy of Apogee Components. Includes an extensive vinyl decal package and delrin rail buttons for stable launches.

Designed for 54mm motors, but light enough to fly on 38mm motors with optional adapter.

Comes with 3/16" aircraft plywood fins, 20 feet of 3/8" tubular nylon shock cord, stainless steel chute swivel, and a Binder Design premium Chute. A machined aluminum motor retainer is included!

This new kit includes pre-slotted airframe for an easier build,
and comes with a fin alignment guide!

This kit is a great Level 2 bird that gives very memorable flights on easy access J350 or J570 motors, or fly it on a K550 and watch it scream!