Skill Level 3

The Nomad is a handsome 3 staged model rocket employing a 24mm first stage to help lift this large rocket off the pad with enough lift to assure safe altitude and speed for subsequent stages to take over.  The overall light weight of this model ensures incredible altitudes even with the smallest 3 stage configuration.  Use of the largest motors in all stages will provide out of sight flights even on clear days.  Be sure to have a 3 person tracking crew to follow all 3 stages back to earth!

Length: 47.9 in.
Dia: 1.637 in.
Weight: 2.25 oz.
Recovery: Streamer or Parachute
Fins: Balsa

Recommended Engines:
1st Stage: C11-0, D12-0
2nd Stage: B6-0, C6-0
3rd Stage:A8-5, B6-6, C6-7
Single Stage: B6-4, C6-5