Big Nuke 3E

One of the ISP PERFORMANCE SERIES of kits, which feature factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction and high power motor capabilities, the Big Nuke-3E is the perfect upgrade to the hot selling Big Nuke kit.  This version trades the 54mm motor mount for raw 75mm motor power.  Included is the popular EB-5.38 electronics bay, and additional Tubular Nylon shock cord and an 18" drogue parachute. We also upgraded the elastic shock cord to 25' of 9/16" tubular nylon and added a CEC-3 chain connectors to the SCMBA-375 shock cord mount for heavy duty flying. This rocket is for the serious high power flyer!  Parachute Recovery.

Length: 80.0 in.
Dia: 5.54 in.
Weight: 128.0 oz.
Recovery: Dual Parachute
Fins: 1/4" Plywood