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     The Rocket Garden is a family-owned business that was started about 2000 by David Hellinger in Vale, North Carolina.  Dave had an interest in rocketry from his work at WPTV, Channel 5 in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he had covered some of the NASA launches.  He had also done some video work for Estes Industries commercials.  The inspiration for the company name I am told, came from the NASA Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center near Orlando, Florida.

     Dave attended local launches and had built up a nice website.  Due to health concerns, he was forced to put the company up for sale in 2003.  I first saw the company listed at eBay and fortunately for me, it didn't sell.  I had an interest in rocketry from my youth and was getting back into the hobby with my son.  I also had some interest in operating an internet company.  This one fit the bill and was ready made.

     Contact was made with Dave through his website and we made arrangements for the sale of the company.  Since I was in Colorado and he in North Carolina, we met over the Christmas holiday at East St. Louis, Illinois, and made the exchange in a hotel parking lot.  I hauled the trailer back to Colorado and the new era of the company began on January 1, 2004.


The Rocket Garden
66 South 12th Avenue
Brighton, Colorado


     The inventory was small but the The Rocket Garden trailer and the website were a great start.  Sales were painfully slow at first, but over time we added some new lines and worked on growing the business.  After attending launches in Colorado, Kansas and Texas, word began to get around.  By 2009, the business was paying its way and inventory continued to grow.

     I still attend and support local launches on a regular basis and out-of-state launches when I can.  I continue to support and provide education to local 4H clubs and scout troops.  I am a member of Northern Colorado Rocketry and am certified Level One with the National Association of Rocketry.  Our mission is to offer competitive prices and the best customer service on the net.


Thank you for shopping at The Rocket Garden!

In memory of David Charles Hellinger, founder of The Rocket Garden.